Careful Of Induction Hobs

  As a frustrated foodie with a very restricted diet, I still often drool over kitchen equipment as you know. (Look at the recent Thermomix acquisition as an example, although have to say it’s one of the best things I ever got AND I keep seeing them on Masterchef and Saturday Kitchen and feeling smug :)).


I digress.

Only last night I was in drooling mode over range cookers, dreaming of a kitchen one would fit in. Then, this morning, I see this note from Michelle at FoodsMatter about the electromagnetic radiation found to be coming from induction hobs. Oops. I will be sticking to gas if I ever get one.

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  1. Alternatively, having been camping for the last 10days, I highly recommend a campfire. We had beef stews, lamb stews, fresh fish, scrambled free range eggs etc …. absolutely the best and freshest way to cook & eat food! 🙂

  2. Ah – Thermomix. It is on the list of things to look at and review. It does look fairly extraordinary – I had a brief demo at the Allergy and FreeFrom Show. Do I gather that you are hooked?….

    1. Indeed. I chose it originally because it was stainless steel to make soup in instead of the plastic soup machines, and was powerful enough to grind nuts efficiently. It is pretty darn quick and means I can make muffins and bread in record time. I’m sure you could do most things with a good mixer and blender etc but I’ve only got a small kitchen so I thought this might be an all in one. I don’t use the steamer bit . I did try making a smoothie in a Dualit recently and did notice the difference in smoothness with more nutty bits being left unground. I haven’t used it for sauces yet as I’m not a saucy person. Well, not in that way anyway!!

      1. Aah, I believe it uses electromagnetic fields, as does a microwave.

      2. No, definitely doesn’t, I’m glad to say, Julie. It is just a mixer that plugs in at the wall and spins round like any other mixer, just a powerful one. The heating is by an element not microwave. If you have info to the contrary, please share so I can double check but I will eat my hat 😉

  3. I just googled thermomix amd electromagnetic radiation because i had the same concern… And found this thread… They have a magnetic motor, hence my and presumably Julie’s concern. Question is wether magnetic motors create emr or not

    1. I did some more research. EMR Australia said they have never tested a Thermomix, but they hire out the testing devices. TM gave a few bits of information to paint the product in a positive light and said their product “emits very little EMR” (their words). However my friend asked to borrow one so she could test the EMRs with said device – and TM said no. The TM technology is slightly different to that of the microwave but seems to be in the same ‘family’. With the bits of info I could scrap together and my limited scientific knowledge I decided against buying one. I think the TM is probably safe but for me to spend $2k on something I need to be completely comfortable with it and at this point I am not. I am really into whole foods, organics etc and do not want the structure of the food messed with. Time and time again throughout history ‘amazing inventions’ deemed safe were later found to be problematic. It’s back to the Bamix for me 🙂

      1. Ooer, Julie. Let’s see what Thermomix UK say then. I will be surprised I have to say, but stranger things have happened, Hope not, I love my Thermomix!

  4. Update: got a reply from UK Thermomix:
    “The Thermomix TM 31 has an electronically commutated motor. The TM31 complies to all specifications about electromagnetic compatibility, particularly to the IEC/EN 60335-2-14 (Household and similar electrical appliances – Safety – Part 2-14: Particular requirements for kitchen machines).”
    I have no idea what the difference is with a ‘commutated motor’. They are seeming to say it complies with al regulations but I wonder what the difference is between a TM or a normal food processor then..

  5. Do we have anymore updates on the radiation of from the thermomix ? I am so so so tempted and finally got the go a head to buy one from the husband but I am concerned.

    1. That’s all I ever got I’m afraid Jules. I haven’t seen anything else that makes me worry and they say it is within regulation levels. Put it this way, I’m not getting rid of mine, is far too useful! If anyone has an EMR meter and they want to lend it to me, I will test mine for you and we’ll see once and for all. Anyone?

  6. Any updates on thermomix and radiation? I am in the same place with really wanting to buy one but have concerns about radiation exposure – the information from Thermomix UK just seems to say it is within regulations – microwaves would also be within regulation levels but I don’t use those and not wanting to use anything similar.

    1. Sadly I got nada, Dace, sorry. Try asking them again and let us know if you find anything out? I have to say I don’t really want to know as I couldn’t be without it now!

  7. I have a Thermomix, and googled “EMR Thermomix” which landed me on this thread!
    My problem is this: I have a very accurate automatic watch and it keeps getting magnetized and needing service. I just can’t work out how it’s happening. ( e.g. this commonly happens to people who put their watch right next to their phone every night.) And then tonight my husband said, maybe it’s the Thermomix?
    The machine definitely creates a magnetic field as that’s how the motor works, the questions are just, how strong, and what’s the range?
    I suspect it’s enough to be screwing up my watch (it starts getting bad after a few months). I don’t use the Thermomix with my watch hand, my watch hand really doesn’t get that close. Maybe just being in the kitchen is enough? The Thermomix people always bang on about how powerful the motor is…

    1. Fascinating thanks for that! Let us know if you find anything out from them then. And I hope your watch is OK. What’s an automatic watch when it’s at home?!

  8. My wife bought a thermomix and I have a Trifield Guass meter and a dirty electricity meter so I can test the levels of EMR and dirty electricity it creates. I’m a bit reluctant to do so though because there is no way of knowing what effect the EMR has on the body’s health when food is prepared in any level of EMR. I don’t believe in measuring a signal and coming to a conclusion, rather, I prefer deciding if a product or electrical environment is ‘bad’ by monitoring the human side effects and a recording a whole series of possible causes; then relating the readings to the symptoms. This is something which I am doing at the moment for any possible EMR exposure I come across, including food I eat from my wife’s thermomix.

    I’ve been one day eating food prepared by it and so far so good – I’ll update the thread later if anyone wants …

    1. Yes please, thanks Nathan; that’s really useful. Test it, go on; I dare you 😉 It would be so nice to put an end to this speculation on Thermomixers!

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