Dental Silver Fillings To Be Banned At Last

Saw this from WDDTY this morning – good news!

Amalgam dental fillings – which contain mercury – are expected to be phased out across Europe in the next few years. The European Parliament is likely to opt for a complete ban by 2013, which will come into affect by 2018, following a damning report by a European Commission agency.

The agency highlighted a range of health problems the fillings cause, including allergies, neurological diseases, kidney diseases, autism, autoimmune diseases and birth defects.  They said that pregnant women and children were most at risk, and that, despite the mercury in fish problem, dental amalgams are by far the biggest source of mercury we ingest.

The British Dental Association has, for years, said they were safe but other countries like Sweden, Denmark and Norway have already banned them. Perhaps we should have been quicker off the mark too!

(Source: Study on the Potential for Reducing Mercury Pollution from Dental Amalgam and Batteries, European Commission Bio-Intelligence Service, July 2012). From wddty enews Sep 12.

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  1. give me a truck a heap of explosives and I will solve the worlds mercury problems , a heap of explosives need to be placed at the mouth of every mercury mine on the planet and detonated ,its in every person on this planets best interest

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