PermAVite With No Colostrum On Way

Just a quick update for you. Remember this post where I advised that I discovered NutriLink had added colostrum from cows into the Permavite? Well, our product suppliers, Natural Dispensary, tell me that they will be getting a non colostrum version in very soon for us, which is very good of them!

I won’t believe it until I actually see it, but letting you know that it should be on its way for you soon. They have promised to let me know as soon as it is in stock. Meantime, there are two Permavites listed now on the ND site: one says ‘with colostrum’ and the other doesn’t so please make sure you order the latter one and CHECK what you have been sent as they look identical to the poor pickers in the warehouse!

You can place your orders online using the Permavite No Colostrum link or give them a call/email as usual. You can place orders now if you need to and it will go on back order and come out as soon as it comes in, if you see what I mean!

Communal hug for Natural Dispensary there, please. Bless ’em.

Let me know how you get on. The only difference between this formula and the old one now is that this one contains some stevia for sweetness.

Panic almost over 🙂

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