New #Candida Plan

Hot on the heels of the Gut Plan, I have now completed the Candida Plan.  I know many of you were waiting for this one and here it is for you at last!

I included some simple candida treatment ideas in the Gut Plan but, let’s face it, this is not an easy one to get under control in nasty cases, and some people will need the full comprehensive treatment approach, which is now ready for you.

The Candida Plan

Candida Plan cover

How to test and treat candida, this 60 page ebook is based on the 12 week clinic protocol I have used for patients for over a decade, and it has rarely ever let me down. 

It includes effective testing, the candida diet, a detailed and product-specific supplement protocol (available internationally by mail order), relapse and therapy failure checklist for stubborn cases, hygiene guidelines to prevent re-infection, a full product guide appendix and how to get support.


Welcome and Housekeeping 3
Introduction 6
Best Tests 8
What Are Fungi and Moulds? 11
The Candida Diet 16
The Candida Protocol 23
    SIgA 25
    Preparation (Stage 1) 26
    Anti-Fungal (Stage 2) 27
    Repair & Maintenance 28
Candida Hygiene 29
Therapy Failure & Relapse Checklist 31
Getting Support 34

Appendix: Product Guide 35

Most people are clear of candida within 8-12 weeks in my clinical experience: a lot faster than the two years it took me many moons ago, thank goodness!

And here is a reply straightaway for my most commonly asked question:

Is the diet enough to kill Candida?

Sadly, no. The special diet is vital to diminish the number of fungi but you will need the protocol in addition as nobody can starve candida to death. In emergency, when it’s dying off, candida can switch to a protein metabolism and when seriously starved they start penetrating the intestinal lining to get sugars from the blood. This provokes the danger of a systemic fungal infection, which can cause even worse problems.

In short, you need an effective protocol, the hygiene guidelines and the diet to get it licked. And that’s why I’ve written the plan as I’m sick of hearing of people who have followed the candida diet for ages, sometimes for years,  when actually testing suggests it wasn’t candida at all and they didn’t test effectively (through poor advice often) OR they didn’t have a comprehensive enough protocol to get the job done and keep it done.

Simple when you know how, though…

You can read part of the Intro on the updated Candida Health A-Z Factsheets page on the website and can download your copy of the treatment plan here.

Good luck!

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