Second Class Postage

Royal Mail Home   I wanted to let you know I have made a policy decision to send test kits etc out to you second instead of first class now.

Postage went up a while ago and basically added loads onto the standard test kit making it an average whopping £2.70 when it was under £2.00 before! I didn’t put my prices up and absorbed it, despite the fact that I make very little on many of the tests especially the gut ones.

So, unless I think you need something quickly, I will use second class for most things from now on, which brings the average down to £2.20 and I still won’t pass the extra costs on to you. In reality, parcels are normally there within 2 days anyway with second class.

I have to say I don’t resent paying for our postage service. I deal with several countries’ postal services and they cost far more, so I am very grateful for ours!

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  1. Hi Micki, I’d like to purchase 2 polyinfluenzeniums, but do not see where I can do this on your site. I’ve used Boiron influenzenium in the past. I do have a paypal account & live in Florida, USA. Please advise.

    Micki | September 5, 2012 at 11:32 am | Categories: news | URL:


    1. Hi Gia, you can’t purchase from the site I’m afraid. However, as you can see I am collecting names currently as the new vaccine is due any time now. If you purchased now, you would get last year’s. Shall I pass your email on in my list for the company to contact you for purchase when it is out in a couple of weeks? PM me if you need to at

  2. Dear Micki…just been on a social media training course…they recommend not bombarding emails as there is a risk that people will unsubscribe!


    1. Lol, that made me laugh, Julie! Are you hinting I am sending out too many?
      I have to say I am blessed to get very few unsubscribes, probably only about 1 or 2 a month and many people have been with me for well over 5 years so I must be doing something right, I hope! There is a quite definite increase in daily reader numbers too whenever I post, which is lovely.

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