New Year Prescription

Need a bit of a kickstart this year? Here’s all the information you need to make some real changes. Get it, read it, plan for it, then act on it! And don’t forget the BOGOF offer on now so there’s no excuse! 

 Improve Your Diet


Purehealth Wellbeing Diet Factsheet
A simple-to-follow list of recommendations and meal ideas to guide you towards what I feel is a truly healthy diet for life. £2.50

How To Eat Well Recipe Book
The best-seller. This e-book is 87 pages of mostly wheat and dairy free healthy recipes, tips and info to help you cut through the myths of healthier eating. Easy, quick and tasty breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, puds and drinks, plus how to create a healthy larder, the Dirty Dozen veg and fruit to avoid, how to boost your metabolism and much, much more. £10

 Lose Weight

 Lose Your Belly Fat Plan
This e-book gives you 19 pages of how to eat a healthy low GL, higher protein, lower carb diet without the common gluten and dairy allergens which often cause water retention, bloating and intolerance weight gain. Includes best and worst foods, quick start plan, loads of meal ideas, a larder list and much more. Easy once you know how…£5.00

 Get Some (Easy) Exercise

 Ten Minute Mind & Body Exercise
No time to exercise? Not anymore! With 30 pages of inspiration at your disposal, just 10 minutes extra exercise a day adds up to more than 60 extra hours a year. Choose from Muscle-Toning, Cardio, Yoga or Meditation. Mix and match your way to better physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. £5.00

 Lower Your Toxic Intake

 Non-Toxic House & Home
Ever wanted to know how you can limit the intake of toxins going onto your skin or into your home? Well, here’s my take on it for you. 17 pages of ideas from years of trial and error, including how to make your own toiletries, which shop-bought ones are best, how to clean your house effectively without chemicals and even how to make your own aromatherapy air fresheners and candles. £5.00

Phew – if you can’t make some improvements with that little lot, I’ll give up the day job!

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