E-shop Closed So Please Call For Items

Many of you have no doubt noticed that the e-shop has been closed for the past 2 weeks. So sorry about that – I won’t bore you with the technology; suffice to say I have been wrestling with IT, and IT won! In fact it has made me think through the whole ordering of products system and I have decided to make some changes. For now, just simply call me for mail order as usual and I will send your stuff out at the same postage rate of just £1. As I run out of stuff, I shall be telling you where to get it from instead. Most busy nutritionists use a system whereby we advise you as normal in your appointments and answer your email/phone queries and then ask you to get your recommended items from elsewhere. You give them a code so they know you are under our care and, happily, pay us a small referral fee as a thank you which, for me, means I won’t need to charge you for your quick queries, as I don’t now. Some of you who don’t use the e-shop already use this system and it works well. Philip, for one, is very pleased with this decision as it means I won’t be having deliveries arriving at all times of the day and night, and we can reclaim our flat which is covered in products! Longer term, you will benefit still from my advice as usual, but also special offers etc that the suppliers often put on that I can’t get. For now, though, continue to call me with your orders (I’ve enjoyed having more conversations!) and I will give you codes etc as you need them. Hope that makes sense – ask me to clarify if not.

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