Easy Breakfasts

A couple of people have said recently they found breakfast the hardest meal to improve. Actually, I find it the easiest! Have a look through the old newsletters and search the blog site for ideas. In the meantime, I notice that Eat Natural breakfast cereal has just been relaunched. Remember the old tubs of yummy cereal? Well, it’s now been updated and comes in a resealable paper sack and in two varieties. If I need a quick brekkie, I simply have a bowlful of the Raisin, Almond, Mixed Seeds and Crispy Rice version (gluten, wheat and dairy free of course) with soya or rice milk. If I’ve got a bit more time, I add some extra dried cranberries, dried blueberries, fresh berries if I have any and a tablespoon of linseeds. Easy peasy, quick and you’ll be out the door in no time with a decent breakfast inside you.


The other way to use it is to have a big dollop of plain soya yogurt, chop some apple or other fruit you have to hand, add some berries, sprinkle on some of the cereal and munch. I’ve even been known to eat it dry as a supper snack. Yum.


Tip: If you need to cut costs, simply buy some plain crispy rice cereal and make up your own with lots of seeds, nuts and dried fruit. Store it in a tin or glass jar and off you go.

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