AMB Make-up Updated – And 20% OFF Previous Range!

Hot on the heels of the new Lip glosses, chunky lip pencils and nail colours I launched last month (which many of you love already – I thank you!), is the new make-up range from Annemarie Borlind. 


Many of you, like me, are addicted to the Annemarie Borlind make-up which incidentally was used by professional make-up artists to beautify all the Miss Germany 2008 contestants this year! The mascara, lipsticks and foundations especially are simply brilliant. You will be pleased to know they have just updated the range and I will shortly receive stock of the new colours. The packaging has been updated into sleek white pump bottles, the colours are great and the eye shadows now come in singles rather than duos. The eye pencils now have a smudgy bit on the end for you, the eye brow crayons have a cute little comb and the lip pencils have a brush.


The prices have gone up slightly too – don’t they always when they’ve been updated and reformulated? – but they are still great value and are every bit as good as leading brands, but of course cheaper and without the toxic chemicals. They contain minerals for colour and are free from animal products, petroleum derivatives, parabens, silicone and carmine and are tested only on human volunteers. If anyone would like a free colour chart – and I hope – free samples (I’m working on it!), please let me know and I’ll include one with your next order.


In the meantime, to make way for the new, I am offering 20% off the stock I have left of the previous range, so get in quick to see if I have what you like left and on offer!

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