AMB Sun Range is Back!

As well as reformulating all the make-up, AMB have been busy rejigging the sun range too. They all contain UVA and UVB protection, kombu algae which acts as a natural sun protector, sea buckthorn as an anti-ageing fatty acid and vitamin E. They also now come in squeezable tubes and are all water-resistant. They had to be reformulated to comply with strict EU rules. Apparently, manufacturers now have to include a much stronger and higher concentration of UVA filters then before. AMB have said that they refused to compromise the quality and effectiveness by choosing cheaper ingredients so prices have had to go up. I suspect many manufacturers will take the easy route here and we may get lower quality products than before appearing because  the UVA filters used are a lot more money – we’ll see!


The new range consists of

  • Anti-ageing Cream Factors 15 and 30 – the one to use for a rich moisturising touch. 75ml size, £13.30 and £16.80
  • Sun Milk Factors 10 and 30 suitable for everyone, but especially for those who tend to get sun sensitivity like prickly heat and for children. 125ml size £12.50 and £16.80
  • Sun Lotion F10 is an oil-free lotion for those who suffer from oily skin problems and break out in spots in the sun and with other lotions. 125ml £13.60
  • The ever-popular Sun Lip Balm F20 (thank goodness; I was down to my last one!) This is just the best lip salve I’ve ever come across. 5g £5.00
  • After Sun, cooling and effective with aloe vera. 125ml £9.95
  • Sunless Bronze – self tanning lotion. I tend to use this for a subtle colour and for the face, and Green people Self Tan for the rest of my body or a deeper colour. 75ml £9.95


 Note that the Green People F22 we stock is very similar to the old AMB formulation and is £15.99 for 200ml. We will continue to stock this. 

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