Which Grains Contain A Form Of Gluten? Clue: It’s Not Just Wheat, Rye and Barley…

A great pictorial reminder here for us today from Dr O at the Gluten Free Society on which grains can still give jip to people trying to get well off gluten. These grains are cross-reactive to gliadin too (ie. you eat them and your body still thinks it is gliadin and reacts the same). This is the very reason I started TrulyGlutenFree: to raise awareness of other glutens if you are not getting well on a standard wheat, rye and barley ‘gluten free’ diet.

You can read much more about this on my TGF section of the site here.

Gluten Free Society

Notice how high corn is there? We are finding an ever-increasing number of people – coeliacs and gluten sensitives especially- who are developing problems with corn. And it is ubiquitous in supplements, toiletries and foods, unfortunately.

For example, did you know that…

almost all Vitamin C in supplements now comes from corn?

citric acid has nothing to do with citrus fruits anymore, but is derived from corn?

maltodextrin and pretty much anything on a label ending in -ose is probably from corn?

those coffee cups you drink from are made from corn?

your tinned food is probably lined with corn?

the xanthan gum in your toothpaste is from corn?

Nope. Most people don’t either, but it can be enough to keep you ill.

My advice: if you’re not healing on a standard GF diet, think about these other gluten types. You can test using a Cyrex 4. Once you remove them from your diet, you can no longer test, so bear that in mind. Of course, if you take them out and you feel better, your body is telling you the answer anyway!

For more info, see my Gluten Plan.

Interesting, I hope! If just one more person gets better from this info, then I’m doing my job!

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  1. Gosh yes corn is high. I was going to add oats to the list as containing its own form of gluten but never realised all these others had so much too! Rice looks like a safer bet for coeliacs. Could we maybe need to review the grains list for coeliac disease?

    1. Well, the word ‘gluten’ is a misnomer really, Ruth. Gliadin is the gluten protein that is implicated in coeliac disease and you can find gliadin in wheat, rye and barley, plus some other grains. However, each of the grains also contains their own type of gluten, hence the diagram in the post. I have long wondered why the powers that be think that only gliadin is involved in gluten illness. In practice, I find many people have problems with the other forms of gluten and hence other grains, not just those three. Also, they only tend to test 33-mer gliadin in mainstream coeliac testing, when actually we know there are several other fractions involved; I find them regularly on testing! No wonder many people are missed! And confused. It should really be called a gliadin-free diet for coeliac disease and gluten free diet is all grains! Hence my site TrulyGlutenFree was born…!

    1. Hi Miranda, there is a big list of things to watch out for in my Gluten Plan here: https://purehealthshop.ecwid.com/TrulyGlutenFree-grain-&-dairy-free-Stuff-c12778036. Buckwheat is often cross-contaminated. Goats – I presume you means goat’s milk? It is dairy so no gluten but dairy is the number one cross-reactive food for gluten so people eat it and the body reacts just the same as it would do to gluten. This happens in about 50% of gluten sensitives. For more on cross-reactives, see the plan and here: https://purehealthclinic.co.uk/the-gluten-healing-process/. Hope that helps!

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