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Looking at countries like Japan and South Korea where they have very low levels of Covid-19 deaths as well as very low levels of adult obesity, you will see they have prioritised public health across a range of lifestyle orientated measures, including population weight, and it has paid off in the pandemic today and in the future…

Managing nutrient delivery and allocation for metabolic health relies on many of the same nutrients that the immune system does. This is not a co-incidence, blood sugar dysregulation and immune system optimisation both require healthy wholefoods, fibre and specific micronutrients including vitamin D, C, B’s, and minerals, selenium, chromium, zinc and magnesium.

Whilst we have all been focused on the consequences of viral transmission, it’s more powerful to recognise that viruses need hosts able to offer viable replication opportunities.

The progressive dilution of human resistance driven by societal, emotional, environmental, and nutritional challenges should be the focus of our overall recovery and future resilience, not simply the provision of vaccines and medications.

Michael Ash, Nutri-Link

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