Tissue Transglutaminase Not As Sensitive for Coeliac Disease Diagnosis As Thought..

This study is about sensitivity verification really but it does raise the point that many people who test negative for transglutaminase may well still be coeliac, especially if they are not yet presenting [classic] symptoms. (I put the brackets there because, of course, they will only be looking for classic coeliac symptoms, but we know that neuro issues etc can be just as prevalent as gut ones).

Anyway, it reminded me of why I get people to do a Cyrex 3x test nowadays. It looks for several types of transglutaminase and not just the standard one looked for in mainstream med. I can’t tell you the number of times I have found transglutaminase 3 or 6 positive when 2 wasn’t – and those people would have been found negative on mainstream tests. Always pays to look as comprehensively as you can! Especially if they’ve overestimated transglutaminases anyway in diagnostics. The Cyrex 3x also looks for way more gluten fractions and not just 33 mer gliadin too. Again, many people are missed on standard diagnoses – and they wonder why so many coeliacs go undiagnosed!

You can read about gluten illness – it’s not all about coeliac disease! – here and see the gluten tests here.

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