Vaccines – The Elephant in the Room

Will Covid vaccines work? What happens with new variants? How will we protect ourselves from future pandemics?

Excellent article from Patrick Holford for you today on these topics, and more. I wholeheartedly agree with much of what he says, not least asking why the UK government is not taking any notice of other countries’ approaches using nutrient therapy to bolster our innate immune response to not just this, but other infections as they come along. As he puts it:

Anyone familiar with modern medicine, disease and effective cures knows that the real solution, whether you are dealing with infections, diabetes or cancer, is prevention – building up your natural resilience and making the diet and lifestyle choices that make you ‘disease-proof’.

The young and healthy, and those that have high vitamin C, D and zinc levels, eat well, keep fit, don’t smoke or drink in excess, have mild symptoms or remain asymptomatic upon infection. According to NHS figures only 388 people under age 60 without an underlying condition have died in hospital from COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic until now. That’s roughly one death per 100,000.

There is, therefore a good case for governments to use this opportunity to push a health message about eating well, keeping fit, losing weight, getting outdoors, supplementing vitamin D, C and zinc especially in high doses upon infection and otherwise letting these people get on with their lives. There is no problem in combining keeping people healthier with vaccination. Their health will be protected by infection, not just to one variant but all variants.

Patrick Holford, The Elephant in the Room

Absolutely right. Common sense from Patrick there, as per. This is a brilliant opportunity and wake-up call to start improving society’s overall health status if ever I’ve seen one. And I’m not talking about fortifying a ruddy breakfast cereal! We need a society-wide health push. I hope we take the hint, I really do….

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  1. Have you followed the work of the British group of GP’s, Doctors, Clinicians , Scientists, prominent public figures who have founded the ‘Public Health Collaboration’ Micki ? Conference talks on their website. They have been lobbying the Government for a change in the Government ‘Food Guidelines policy (only 65 years old, probably brought in at the end of rationing) which need turning on their head. No progress so far as far as I know. I don’t think there is any hope while governments cow tow to big business, pharma and the likes of the sugar corporations active lobbying

    1. I hadn’t seen them, thanks Lynne. Just had a peek. It seems they are pushing what nutritionists have been doing for decades already – let’s hope they can get the message out more. Good on them.

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