Quote of the Week: So True

I absolutely agree with this assessment I saw today in my feed – a mixture of two different comments that I’ve combined to make the point:

We could wake up to a new and better world tomorrow if we simply:

1. Give people vitamin D to correct the vitamin D deficiency that affects 80% of the population and results in impaired immunity and excess inflammatory response.

2. Give people zinc to correct the zinc deficiency that affects 30% of the world population and which results in impaired immunity and excess inflammatory response.

3. Give people selenium to correct the selenium deficiency that affects 15% of the world population and which results in impaired immunity, excess inflammatory response, and excess viral mutations.

4. Counter the latent scurvy that afflicts around 40% of the elderly and vulnerable in care homes (and many others) by taking divided doses of supplemental vitamin C.

Alex Vasquez and Robert Verkerk

Er, yep!

Here’s a very simple protocol to follow (consider with your chosen health practitioner, obviously):

For ease, make a nut/seed/fruit/veg smoothie (see the Breakfasts book here for ideas), then add:

2 teaspoons of this multi to cover all those nutrient bases.

2 teaspoons of this Prebio powder, which will ensure your gut is super-healthy and able to produce all the bacteria and immune compounds like SIgA it needs to.

Just doing that once a day will make a really significant difference. Even better, split the dosage and have two smaller smoothies am and pm with one teaspoon of each powder in. That way, you get a hit throughout the day.

You can go further and add in a brisk walk daily, get plenty of sleep, follow an immune-boosting diet and meditate for 10 minutes a day, and you’ll have a wonderfully strong immune system.

SO simple! If I could spend my whole working life just giving that message out, I would. It is THAT important. Please do share it around, thank you.

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