New Healing Plan Now Out!

HP edition 2

Yay, the publishers have just released the second edition of my Healing Plan on Amazon!

You can see it here

There is a Look Inside option so you can have a good read to see if it might help you. This edition is half the size of the original Healing Plan at 30,000 rather than 60,000 words and has been restructured completely. It should be nice and easy to follow with eight simplified steps now instead of the more complex four. And it is a lot cheaper this time around. I’m hoping that the new price will help us spread the message about the importance of mind-body medicine in healing from chronic illness much more widely; the original HP has been a hard-convince, but thankfully once people have read it, they have generally understood the issue and then raved about it :).

I have one lonely review there so far – albeit one that gave me a lump in my throat – posted by one of my lovely Purehealth family who has already bought it. It needs many more, though, so do please review it asap if you buy it; the more reviews something has on Amazon, the more it is likely to show up in searches and the more people will see and benefit from it. That’s my aim anyway by allowing it to be published – it is a bit scary with it being my most personal book, I can tell you! Let alone the terror of whether people who don’t know me from Adam like it or hate it!

Here’s the blurb:

Three years ago Michaela Rose was in constant pain, had dropped to a size 6, could eat fewer than 20 foods, reacted to even the purest water – and had genuinely started to believe that she might starve to death. As a natural health practitioner herself, she had tried every approach – but none worked. Finally she started to look beyond her body to her own life experiences and how they had ‘programmed’ her to become chronically hypersensitive.

This book follows her own healing path with detailed instructions and pointers to other helpful books, videos and groups.

So, go and get the new version of the Healing Plan if you have a chronic illness of any kind that is not resolving easily with the normal interventions. I promise it will pay dividends for you if you follow my steps.

How exciting! Do share with other people you think it might help – and do let me know what you think about it; am dying to know!

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  1. Is there any chance this will be available as an on-line download? It may be cheap to buy the kindle edition, but buying a kindle isn’t cheap. Call me old-fashioned but I prefer books anyway – even if they’re ring-bound.

    1. Hi there – it does say it will be out as a paperback very shortly – a week or two, I think according to the publishers. That will be better for you from the sound of it.

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