Eight Steps To Healing Mini-Series. Step 1

HP edition 2  To celebrate the launch of my new Healing Plan – now on Amazon at a fabulously-low price – I thought it might be nice if I did a mini-series of blog posts to introduce you to it.  The book is chock-full of info I hope will truly help release you from the grip of chronic illness. Some of the aspects are new to many people and I have found that I have to do quite a bit of explaining before people get that it could actually be a new way for them to improve their health. That’s fine. I like thinking a bit out of the box and so far, happily those of you who have trusted me and had a go at some of the techniques in the book, have found it does actually help more than you would think!

Over the next few days, I’ll give you a flavour of what each step entails. I’ve adapted this from the first part of the book. The second part goes into a lot of detail about how exactly you work each step.

OK – here’s an overview and Step One…

Overview of the Eight Steps

This healing plan splits broadly into two main types of step:

  1. Calming the system down with parasympathetic techniques such as passive meditation, acceptance, heart meditation. This must be done first so that the system is ready for the next part:
  2. Dynamic or ‘active’ healing methods such as brain-retraining, neuroplasticity, visualisation and emotional healing.

I’ll talk you through WHAT each of the steps are, and WHY they’re so important, before I show you HOW to do them. That’s because, if you’re anything like me, you’re desperate to get your life back on track. And my desperation meant that—at first—I often leapt ahead, missing out important things on the way.

I was too quick to jump into the healing work; doing it before my body was ready actually set back my recovery. However, once I calmed my system down, I was able to get on with the change work. So, your task now is to read and understand the steps now… and I’ll tell you exactly how to work them a little later!


Overview of Step One: Assess Your Immediate Nutritional and Medication Needs

You need to review which biochemical nutrition, herbs, homeopathics and meds to use at the very start of your healing journey, if you can tolerate them. This ensures that you’ve got a supportive protocol that keeps you nourished and will help you manage your symptoms. You’ll review these needs again at the end of your journey. However, many people focus on their nutritional and medication without doing the healing work that is so central to this programme. Do not fixate on this step, to the exclusion of the others, otherwise the programme will not work properly for you.

When it’s time to work this step, I’ll talk you through examining your dietary and supplementary needs. The idea is that you remove any allergens and healing ‘blockers’ from your diet while you are unwell, and then reintroduce these foods when you’re better.

Most people with chronic illness, especially those with a gluten related disorder or gut issue, will be malabsorbing and are usually on pretty restricted diets already. So, it’s important to get the right supplements to help you maintain nutrient levels and reduce the risk of your restricted diet leading to other nutrient deficiency-related issues.

Also, anyone under chronic stress and especially anyone who is hypersensitive is running at top speed internally all the time. Can you imagine how much nutrient density your body needs just to keep up? Far more than normal, at a time when you can’t get enough.

The right nutrition will help allay a lot of extra issues. The calming and healing work that we’re going to do should ultimately lead to a lower need for so many nutrients and ensure better absorption.



You need to support yourself with nutrition and functional medicine at the start, throughout and at the end of your journey, but in quite different ways (and I’ll explain them as we go). Proper nutrition helps lower your symptoms, which will help you to cope better. Nutrition and functional medicine supports your healing plan but is only part of the process; do not neglect the other steps!

Ooh – Step 2 tomorrow….If you’d like to read more, see the Preview on Amazon here and get the book. If you do buy it, it looks a tad lonely and unloved at the moment, so do please leave me a review. Thank you. Let’s get well!

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