Air Fresheners, Cleaning and Cancer

Haven’t I always wittered on about this – and now research is bearing me out yet again? The Telegraph yesterday published a story about a study done in the US that suggests that women who regularly use chemical household cleaners and slow release air fresheners can double their risk of cancer. Unfortunately this is no surprise to me.

You can read the whole story here, but the nuggets are that women who use the most cleaning products, especially slow-release air fresheners replaced more than 7 x year and anti-mould products were found to have a 110% greater risk of developing breast cancer than women who didn’t use them.

Even though is has been proved several times over that cleaning products contain cancer-causing substances, this is said to be the first time there has actually been a study to make the link with them actually causing a certain cancer.

Doesn’t make good reading, does it?! As I’ve always said, there is no need to use chemical cleaning products. Check out the Purehealth Non-Toxic House & Home Factsheet  (see the excerpt below) and here is a link to Goodness Foods  (Household section) and Natural Collection, two companies amongst others which supply non-toxic household stuff. 

A no-brainer. Even if there is some small doubt exisiting about this, I certainly wouldn’t want to be the one who takes a chance and then thinks later I should have taken steps to cut unnecessary chemicals out, would you?


Air Fresheners


Amongst the worst offenders in the home. They don’t remove smells, they can contain things that deaden your nose nerves or coat nasal passages with an oily film. Or they simply have a powerful smell that covers up the horrible one.


Aromatherapy air fresheners are rarely aromatherapy oils at all, but synthetics. Chemicals you inhale can go straight via the lungs and into the blood stream.


Women who use air fresheners every day are more likely to suffer headaches and depression, and their babies more infections and diarrhoea. They are also related to anxiety and hyperventilation. We are now suffering from sick-home syndrome as well as sick building syndrome!


Look out for Para-dichlorobenzene (an irritant), Napthalene (possible carcinogen), Formaldehyde (suspected carcinogen) and there are many others, but most don’t have the ingredients on them.


Best option is to keep things clean – non-toxically, of course. Otherwise use a pump spray with essential oils in. Choose a blend and add 1 drop of essential oil to every 10ml of filtered water. Use candles instead – make your own aromatherapy candles…..

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