Anti-Ageing Supplement – Can It Be True?

Of course, we’re always looking for the holy grail in life, aren’t we? None of us wants to get old and wrinkly!

In the recent past, there has been much research around this question, not surprisingly, and most experts agree that one of the most significant ways to slow ageing is calorie restriction. There have been a lot of studies to test this, variously reducing calories by 10-40% of the normal amount consumed and the effect this then has on genes. It is fascinating stuff.

However, try telling anyone to reduce their calorie intake by that amount and some will have a go, for a short time, and others will tell you to go and take the proverbial run and jump.

Today, though, I saw some hope! I read a great article from Life Extension about this whole subject and learned that there are 5 or 6 what are termed ‘mimetic’ substances that can have a similar result on gene expression as the calorie restriction does. Of course, like you I expect, I immediately wanted to know what those compounds were and where I could get them! Wait for it – it’s coming a bit further down…

It’s all quite complex, and you can read the full article here:  Activate Your Longevity Genes: Five Natural Compounds That Simulate Caloric Restriction 



By Julius Goepp, MD

Here is the summary given in the piece:

Excessive caloric intake is strongly associated with the onset of degenerative disease and shorter life span.

Research shows that calorie restriction (CR) can extend life span and afford significant protection against age-related disease in many animal species.

A landmark 20-year study demonstrated that caloric restriction powerfully counters the effects of aging in primates closely related to humans. CR produced a three-fold reduction in mortality from age-related conditions.

A caloric restriction regimen strict enough to yield these benefits is difficult or impractical for most people.

Nutrients known as “caloric restriction mimics” (or mimetics) afford a novel scientific solution. Working in tandem, their biomolecular action exerts similar effects on gene expression, providing the benefits of CR without severe dietary modification.

Resveratrol, pterostilbene, quercetin, and extracts of grape seed rank among the most promising of CR mimics, while the polyphenols in black tea support these metabolic effects. Research shows that they powerfully inhibit systemic inflammation, enhance mitochondrial health, prevent cancer, and protect brain and heart tissue from age-related deterioration.

Ooh, powerful information there! I note, too, that there 100 separate references at the end of the piece so you can check out the research for yourself if you like.

In essence, we are looking here at substances that can help us control what most experts believe are at the heart of most ill health and ageing nowadays: poor insulin and glucose control and inflammatory processes gone awry. Importantly, some of these substances have also been shown to upregulate suppressive cancer genes and downregulate those which cause cancer to grow and spread.

So, as you have seen already, the 5 main mimetics are:



Quercetin (yay, I take this everyday!!)

Grape seed extract and

Polyphenols in black tea

In other words, specific antioxidants. Life Extension have, of course, managed to get all these together into a Longevity Formula, which happily you should be able to get in this country via Nutricentre as they stock a lot of Life Extension products. Natural Dispensary are currently trying to get their products in too.

There are two products. The first, called ‘Calorie Restriction Mimetic Formula’ (snappy title!), contains all five substances.

The second is called CR Mimetic Longevity Formula (still snappy!) and includes a sixth substance, fisetin, which comes a lot from strawberries and appears to enhance the effect of the resveratrol. This, being cutting edge, is more expensive and I reckon you could get away with the first formula and still get a great effect.

To get them, contact Nutricentre on 0845 602 6744 and quote ZZPUR001 as my code if you want to trigger a small commission for me as a thanks for this post.  Happy anti-ageing!


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