Coronavirus Lab Updates. Last updated 9.4.20

This is the first of the lab updates for you so I can keep you informed about any lab changes going on during these virusy times. I will update this post regularly for you. Essentially, if a test is not available for some reason, I will put N/A next to it on the shop and try to replace it with something comparable from a different lab.

Biolab just sent this announcement:

We are sorry to inform you that due to  rapidly increasing levels of COVID-19 infections in London,  Biolab’s offices and laboratories are closing on Tuesday 24th March until the corona epidemic eases as the safety of our staff and their families, patients and neighbours is our highest priority.  

They are still doing the tests on samples they already have, so I will send your results through as usual as soon as I get them. They are still offering a few of their tests that are sent out of Central London for analysis. I will adjust the shop accordingly (just realised: this is going to be a LOT of extra work isn’t it, keeping tabs on what’s available and what isn’t!)

Genova have scaled down their product list – mainly blood tests – but most are still available.

Happily, Regenerus (so that’s all your DUTCH, Doctors Data, Labrix etc) tell me they are still on full service 🙂

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