Coronavirus: Supplement Supplies Updates

Here is where I will try to keep you updated about where you can get supplements etc from if needed. I will update it regularly for you.

Update 25.3.20: Natural Dispensary has had to close to orders again as overwhelmed and staff shortages. My Nordic shop is still open and fully stocked if you need stuff.

Most suppliers are not taking phone orders, only online, due to staff shortages.

And here are the details of the other suppliers in case you get stuck:

Amrita Nutrition – Some of the Amrita products we’ve linked to are advanced and you will need to create an account to purchase them. Just email and ask for a link. You only have to do this once at the start – not for all purchases. Amrita have recently changed their website, so anybody who has previously purchased from there under Micki’s name should have been sent a link from Amrita asking them to re-set their password. If you have not received this email, then please ask Micki for the invitation link. – You will need to register by phone and give them Micki Rose name (after that ordering can be done by phone or online)

Nutrivital – Please give code 10616 when you register

YourHealthBasket – Please enter mickirose (all lower case – no space) in the COUPON CODE box EVERY time you order.

Spectrum Supplements – Please bookmark this link and enter via that link each time you visit the site

Metabolics – Please enter 161026 in the Coupon Code box the first time you order and that will give you a 10% discount on all future orders (you do not need to enter this each time). If you place your first order by phone, then just give the name Micki Rose (NOT each time you order)

Nutri Gold – Please use this link initially for the first visit (These have excellent supplements but are mainly for people who are not totally grain and dairy free unless we actually specify them as such)


DSS You will need to register the first time you visit via this link using code MR425. After that, just go to You can call their toll free number: (877) 846 7122. Non-US residents can purchase and pay for international shipping if needed.

Thank you once again for your support and loyalty by using these links for us. It really helps 🙂

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