New Free Chopra 21 Day Meditation Starts Today!

This started today but the first few will still be around for the next couple of days so you can catch up. I always love these 21 day things and have done most of them now – gets you into the habit of meditating for 15 minutes a day which is a really good thing!

This one is on time management and handling the myriad stuff that we have to deal with day to day. Of course, it’s how you handle it, not what gets flung at you, that really makes the difference. We could all do with a bit more calm in the eye of the storm..!

Click below to sign up. Enjoy:


Day 1 – Where Does the Time Go?

Welcome to our 21-Day Meditation Experience, Making Every Moment Matter. Over these next three weeks, we will explore that state of awareness in which every moment matters. The pressures of our family, jobs, and relationships can make us feel that we don’t have enough time to do the things that are important to us, sometimes leading to a sense of being unfulfilled. 

Together we will discover that we don’t get true fulfillment through time management, but rather by living in the here and now. Wisdom traditions tell us that the present moment is outside of clock time; it is the eternal now. This Meditation Experience will show you how to thrive in the world of time when you live from your timeless self. In the following weeks, we will learn how to embrace time as the realm of self-awareness, self-unfolding, and total inner fulfillment.

In today’s meditation, we learn that time is really about fulfillment. Using your time well comes down to how fulfilled you are in the present moment. When we feel content and centered inside, everything we do is more effective, efficient, and satisfying. On our meditation journey together, we will experience and understand that when we manage the time demands of our life from our timeless self, then every moment of life matters.


Our centering thought for today is:

The best time of my life is now.

“Consciousness is beyond time, consciousness is timelessness.” – Osho


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