65 Lovely Updated Factsheets and 1745 Blog Posts!

info iconIf you need info on tinnitus, fatty liver, osteoporosis, diabetes, pregnancy, fertility, prostate health, infections, adrenal fatigue, allergy, chronic pain or insomnia, how to use probiotics and herbal medicines or need a steer on how to eat healthily, lose that belly fat or even how to do a testicular check, you should find it here!

I have at last updated and uploaded all sixty-five (65!!!) of the Health A-Z factsheets onto this new site for you. I can’t believe there are that many. Even I was impressed at the number, but though I say so myself, the sheer amount of useful info and tips I’ve put there for you quite stunned me!

When you need info on a health issue, do check the A-Z first – and the blog where there are now 1745 posts, would you believe? If you are thinking about it, more often than not, so have I and then written something about it.

Incidentally, there are also 35 free and paid-for ebooks now for you and eleven categories of lab tests allowing you to access over 70 different tests.

I hope you agree that all adds up to a huge resource for you now! I truly hope it helps… I’ll let you know as I write new factsheets for you, of course.


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