Stick or Twist? Does the Subconscious Get Fed Up With The Same Imagery

I saw this interesting question today about whether – a bit like shampoo – you should change the meditation/hypno imagery that you are using to help heal frequently or should you stick with the same one?

I’ve often wondered that. Does the subconscious mind get sick of hearing the same CD or audio or does it strengthen it over time?

You can read Belleruth’s answer here to that question:


I like this lady, she has a really useful Q&A every week and they offer some great audios. I am trying some currently to assess them and will let you know how I get on.

Anyway, for me: I think the more frequently your subconscious hears a specific message or ‘sees’ a particular image, the better. The idea, of course, is to support brain neuroplasticity changes – where we build ever-stronger neural pathways to support what we want the body and mind to believe and weaken old pathways which no longer support us. I found during my  own ‘journey’, as described in the Healing Plan, that it is all in the consistency and repetition of the message.

In other words, I think using the same meditation or hypno sessions frequently for months on end helped me establish the new beliefs and therefore the new neural pathways. That said, I did use several types of meditation and swapped them around quite a bit so I didn’t do the same thing every day – and added various ones at different stages to support something specific I wanted to change.

For example, I did the Yoga Nidra and Chopra Perfect Health pretty much the whole time and added in specific meditations and hypnosis for stuff that came up such as anger, sadness, confidence or whatever. For example, I did the hypno sessions with J to unpick trauma in its various guises and deal with it, and P has just recorded a new hypno session to help me with specific imagery of eating different foods in various places such as restaurants, on holiday etc to help me build confidence.

The answer: keep some things consistent and add in other stuff around it to match your changing needs as you go through your own healing journey.

Hope that helps.

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