Don’t Leave Me or I’ll Be Lonely!

It’s time for a social media detox and a bit of streamlining before my head blows off!

I am finding it difficult to keep up with all the different social media outlets now so I’m merging a few! I originally set up different blogs, Twitter accounts and Facebook pages for Purehealth and then added TrulyGlutenFree and latterly Mind-Body Medicine as they were for very different audiences.

Or so I thought.

In fact, I spend a lot of my time re-posting the blog posts and items I come across because I know people in the various groups will need them. I think: ‘oh, such and such would be interested in that, is he a Purehealth or a TGF person?’ or it might be something about thyroid health that happens to include some TGF stuff but I don’t want Purehealth peeps to miss out. Do you see?

So, I have decided to do some streamlining and put most of it back under the Purehealth brand. In many cases, I am reliant on you to come and follow me at the new places so please do or I’ll be lonely!


The @trulyglutenfree Twitter account will self-destruct on 27th July! Follow all TGF news @PureHClinic instead, thanks.


I will no longer be posting on the TrulyGlutenFree Facebook page so please come and like me on the Purehealth Facebook page here: I can’t merge the two pages or move you from one to the other cos Facebook won’t let me!

I will be keeping all the Purehealth, TGF and Healing Plan groups as we have such families going on there. I was so tempted to merge the TGF and Purehealth ones because I think many Purehealth peeps could benefit from a lot of the conversations had in TGF, but I’ll see how it goes; it could be a little confusing with what’s TGF and what’s not, so…

I’m keeping the Healing Planners one because of the importance of people needing a special place with the right support as they go through the five steps. However, it will be going public soon as the book is being published – more on this soon!


You’ll see if you take a gander that I have been updating the blog site This is because I am very gradually moving the main Purehealth site to this one and it will become I hope you like it!

All TGF and MBM blog posts will now come from I am migrating all TGF and MBM subscribers to the new blog so no need to resubscribe unless you want the free Wellbeing Guide (see below).

I’ve set up three main categories for blog posts: Purehealth, TrulyGlutenFree and Mind-Body Medicine so you can find what you need easily. I have copied all blog posts from TGF and MBM to those categories and will add all new posts from now on to those categories for you. Go and have a look – long way to go with redesigning the new site etc but I’m pleased with it so far!


To continue to receive info from me, do one or all of the following:

Follow @PureHClinic on Twitter here:

Like me on Facebook at

Subscribe to the blog at You can subscribe and get posts as they come out and/or get the free Wellbeing Guide plus a monthly summary newsletter.

Sign up at Pinterest for recipes:

Thankfully, I haven’t got any Instagram, SnapChat, WhatsApp or other accounts!

I hope that makes sense and that I continue to send you useful news, recipes, research and stuff to make you smile. Thank you for your loyalty and following me all these years!

I’ll see you on the other side…

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