Freefrom Skincare and Make-up: Awards Winners Are Out!

Yay, I love this list when it comes out. Of course, I am biased as a former judge! Some really excellent and worthy winners and shortlisters this year – and it was won by a humble lip balm, which does look lovely! Now, if we can only get people off the ruddy petroleum-lip-drying vaseline type products!

Freefrom skincare is on my mind a lot currently actually as I am trying to – at last – set up a Pure Beauty range/recommendations on the shop as I get asked ALL the time.  I have got my favourite recommendations to suit Purehealth peeps there already. Take a look.

TGF (grain and dairy free) is proving a lot more tricky. Was it ever thus? I have one range there so far, my fave, and am just checking out a potentially TGF skincare range, which has pretty much everything we could wish for so I hope that comes off. I am particularly keen to see who came up trumps in the makeup category this year as I am trying to find a pure TGF range for that too – we want safe lippies! Who would think there was so much corn in make-up?! There is, let me tell you, but we’re on the case hunting them down.

Anyway, get a cuppa and have a look here for the full list. I must say it is heartening to see so many companies now producing non-toxic toiletries. When I started wittering on about toxins in toiletries 20 years ago, people thought I was just being a hippy! I’m gonna say it: told ya so.. 😉


Freefrom Skincare Award Winners & Runners Up




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