Find The Universe Within

Brain icon  Ooh, this is a deep one, isn’t it?!

As many of you know I have been pursuing what I call non-ingestive healing methods for a while now. A big part of that has been meditation.

When I started it, I thought it was just a way of calming my amygdala’s hyper-vigilant responses, but it has turned out to be far more than that. I saw this really interesting exploration of what meditation actually helps you do – a trite way of saying it, I know – but ‘find’ and explore the inner you as opposed to the one who engages with the outside world! The core you if you like, not the one you put a face on.

I feel I am coming out of my illness now (yay :), more of this anon) and this piece resonated with me because it talks about listening to your inner dreams and voices to find out who you really are and what you want to do with your life. After a chronic illness, many people struggle with finding their new ‘non-ill’ identity. That’s the place I am at right now and this was a good reminder.

Have a read; it might inspire you to start meditating or at least listening to your inner voice a bit more if you need to:

Using Meditation to Explore the Universe Within

Who knew that sitting down and focusing for a few minutes a day could lead to all that?!

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