9 Alternative to Potatoes

food icon What can you have if you don’t want spuds? Well, here’s a simple run down of the top alternatives for you.

Funnily, enough, last night I chopped up half a small cauliflower, added fennel, mushrooms and asparagus, poured some left over sweet potato, carrot and ginger soup over it, simmered it a bit and then cooked a fillet of pollack on top. I served it with a sprinkle of chopped raw fennel, some good olive oil and Maldon seasalt.

It was yum and was a bit like a lentil stew texture-wise. Amazing what you can think of when you’re hungry!

Anyway, here’s the blog from Comfort Bites for you:

9 Alternatives to Potatoes

I can’t quite get to grips with the flavour of celeriac myself, and have never tried yucca, but plantains I lurve!

I’ve posted this on the Pinterest boards for you too – I think we’re way over about 700 recipes on there now, so do check them out for inspiration.



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