Healthy Ways to Take in Mass Media News

In-clinic, one of my favourite pieces of advice was to suggest people take a ‘news fast.’ To have no exposure to news in any form for at least a week. The point: to just become aware of how much negativity they were allowing in via news papers, radio, TV and social media. Invariably, they were shocked when they realised how addictive it is and how much better they felt as a result.

So, I was interested in this piece today saying much the same thing, although more eloquently than I!

I like the conclusion:

…turn off your TV for a while today, for god’s sake, and go outside and play

Have a read anyway and remind yourself that you can keep abreast of what’s going on in the world without becoming so immersed in it and allowing it to wheedle itself into your psyche as negativity.

Personally, I rely on P to tell me if something big is happening. Drives him mad! Other than that, I might watch the papers on The Wright Stuff with my lunch a few days a week. I tried that new BBC Victoria Derbyshire show but it is way to negative for me! I like to hear the news and comment, but I like light stuff in between.

Healthy Ways to Take in Mass Media News

Try a news fast; I dare you!

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