Big Bad Gluten…Or Not?

Two interesting articles for you today and a good debate going on so thought I would share with you!

The New York Times recently wrote an article about wheat and whether the wheat or gluten itself is actually the issue, or is it more about our wayward immune systems? An interesting question. Read that here:

The Myth of Big, Bad Gluten

Hot on its heels were several comments and rebuttals. I liked this one from Wheat Belly author Dr William Davies, who trounces it:

The New York Times makes a big, bad mistake

Actually, I found the comments after the Wheat Belly one interesting and picked up a useful list of wheat/gluten issues they point out, showing our issue with wheat is not just about the gluten content. I have not studied these in detail but thought they might be an interesting set of points for you to follow up, should you want to.

The following isn’t comprehensive, and is not in any firm priority order, but my wheat rap sheet includes:

• sky high glycemic (more so than sucrose)
• compromises the gut tight junctions
• compromises the blood-brain barrier
• directly inflammatory
• has addictive properties (exorphins)
• is a direct gut biome antagonist
• glyphosate uptake (from ‘dessication’)
• other pesticide uptake
• #1 dietary source of fructans
• phytates
• bromates applied in storage/transit
• unknown effects specific to modern wheat genetics

Not all of these are presently in the Wheat Belly bills of indictment.

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