Migraines Linked to Mineral Deficiencies and Toxic Metals

Fatigue iconAs a migraine sufferer, I am always interested to see articles on the subject. Most of us concentrate on finding the trigger for our migraines. For me, that is invariably grain ingestion, especially corn. However, there are times when I have a migraine and I’ve been nowhere near said grain. So, what else is going on?

Often, I reckon hormones and zinc/magnesium deficiencies are involved somewhere. I definitely get more vulnerable to them at certain times of the monthly cycle (sorry if TMI guys..). So, today’s article was interesting in that Case Adams, a US naturopath, reckons we should be focusing less on the triggers and more on the metabolic causes of the problem.

In this case, he points to a study suggesting those could be a lack of certain minerals – zinc and magnesium – and an excess of certain toxic metals. Dealing with those, he says, should at least reduce the frequency.

Of course, I’ve written about the importance of magnesium for migraines before but I’ve never seen zinc linked. Check your fingernails for white spots – a good zinc deficiency sign.

Have a read anyway – and follow the link to the recommended way to detox heavy metals on GMI – not the usual chelation methods.

Migraines Linked to Certain Heavy Metals and Mineral Deficiencies

To check mineral levels, there are several ways. Read the Nutrient Testing Overview here.

Here’s to getting rid of migraines – did you know that the WHO class them as one of the top 10 most debilitating illnesses?! I can see why…

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    1. That would suggest then Sue that zinc and magnesium and even excess copper may be a part of it as all are linked to hormonal imbalance and stress.

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