Tiger Nut Recipes

Many of you may remember I wrote about tiger nuts a good while ago now as part of my DIY Dairy article for our friends at http://www.foodsmatter.com. In that piece, I wrote about making Horchata – a traditional Spanish sweet milk drink made from tiger nuts. I loved it and it became my new fave.

Cressida at FM has reminded me this week that I should also be using tiger nut flour more – I am going to get some and try some of the lovely recipes on the Tiger Nut Company blog. Have a read of Cressida’s review and follow the links to the blog etc for some good ideas on how to use this more unusual ingredient.

Why should you?

Well, this page on the TNC site sets it out nicely for you: Why We LOVE The Tiger Nut.

In essence, I like them because they are an excellent freefrom food – an exotic food most people should be Ok with. It’s not a nut, despite the confusing name; it’s a tuber, like a mini root vegetable, if you like, so should be safe for nut – and most everything else – sensitives.

Tiger nuts are a good source of essential fats, magnesium and soluble fibre and have a useful amount of protein too, which means that even if you use them for sweet recipes, the protein and fibre will slow absorption of the sugars down so it shouldn’t blow your blood sugar sky high. You can use it as milk or flour.

Have a go. Why not start with the ultra-healthy Blueberry Chia Pudding Cressida writes about?  Although, I have to admit I am tempted most by the Tiger Nut Hob Nobs

Have fun – let me know how you get on!

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