Cold and Flu Tips

I got a news bulletin this morning saying that experts are expecting coughs and colds to really hit Britain from next week – P is already in bed with it, bless him, and I am trying my darndest not to get it!

So, a timely post this morning from Michelle at FM who has got it too. Read her Ode to Olbas Oil  for tips on Olbas Oil, Vit C, Echinacea, Chinese medicines and homeopathy.

For me, the Vitamin D3 is up to 8000iu per day and I am taking 30 billion live probiotics, 3g Vitamin C, 50mg Zinc and some Elderberry Complex alongside my usual multi, fish oils and gut healing stuff. If it gets me through all that, it was just meant to be!

See here, here and here for more posts on colds and viruses and see the post this week to remind you about drinking tea for viruses.

Good luck

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