Allergy Foods Translated

Before I went to Tenerife last week, I wanted to learn the words of my allergens in Spanish and take something with me that I could hand to people in restaurants etc. It actually came in really useful in shops looking at products too as I knew what to look for on labels.

The easiest way to do this is to write a sentence and then translate using Google. Go to and type your test in the box, then translate into the language you need. Something like ” I am allergic to… please make sure I don’t eat any or I’ll be sick all over you!” will do nicely. Then print it out.

Another way to find the words for your allergens is to use the FoodDictionary at Simply type the word in and several transaltions for it will come up: choose the language you need.

Really useful. Remember it next time you go on hols. Who knew there were so many words for wheat – ‘frumento’ in Italian, ‘trigo’ in Spanish and something altogether unpronounceable in Russian?!

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