Best To Eat Fat In The Morning Say Experts

I am having a fat day. Literally.

Seriously, just after I wrote that last post, I saw some new research which suggests that it’s best to eat fat or carbohydrate-rich meals in the morning rather than later in the day.

I don’t like the research method as it was done on mice. However, I will tell you what it said:

Mice fed a fat-rich meal at the beginning of their active period (ie our morning) demonstrated normal metabolism for food the rest of the day. Mice fed a fat-rich meal at the end of the active period (ie our evening) showed increased weight gain, fat gain, glucose intolerance plus raised insulin, triglycerides and leptins. Not good.

The researchers suggested that eating fat or carbohydrate-rich meals at the beginning of the day may somehow ‘switch on’ the body’s ability to metabolise these nutrients so that we can cope better with their consumption as the day goes on.

For me, I take that to mean that it’s best to eat a higher protein, high veg type meal for dinner rather than carb or fat-rich stuff before you go to bed. Perhaps a croissant in the morning is better than having one for supper. Joke.