Redbush Tea Tip

When it’s cold outside, you tend to drink more warm drinks, don’t you? Philip came up with this idea. We bought a cheap coffee filter machine from Asda for a fiver. Pour some water into the machine as if you’re making coffee, but instead pop two redbush tea bags into the glass jug and let the water drip through as normal. Leave the teabags in for a good 10 mins (or longer if you like it strong) and, hey presto, you’ve got tea on all day. I simply pour myself a tiny cup full in my new Spode china cup and saucer (thank you sister for Christmas present!) every now and then when I fancy one. Add a dash of soya milk or some lemon if you like, or have it ‘straight’. So good for you. You could do this with any herbal, white or green tea bags too!

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