How to Increase Your CAR – Cortisol Awakening Response – And Help Stabilise Your Blood Sugar

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I mentioned this in my DUTCH Test video and the Hormone Test Results Guide. I saw this info on it today and thought it might be useful for you to see why it is so important.. The Cortisol Awakening Response From the moment your eyes open in the morning, your cortisol levels should rise by …

Doing Everything Right To Control Your Blood Sugar, But It’s Not Working? Is It Diabetes Type 1.5?

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This is a new one on me - and that doesn't happen very often! Diabetes 1.5, termed LADA - latent autoimmune disease of adulthood. Never heard of it! I am currently doing some training on blood sugar control and diabetes so I'll learn more about it, but you might have LADA, or Diabetes type 1.5 …

How To Avoid Diabetes

So, the news is that diabetes cases, mainly Type 2 and therefore mostly avoidable ones, have risen sharply again, with 150,000 new cases in the UK last year. 1 in 20 people are receiving some form of diabetes treatment. That is an epidemic! And, in my view, it's all because we followed the low-fat lobbyists and ignored the sugar ones!