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Hello, I have just set up this new category: Clinic Notes, primarily for practitioners. Focused on practical stuff I see that you can use immediately in-clinic to help improve your practice and get more people well. If you’ve ever wanted someone to just get to the ‘clinical pearl’ quickly and save you time, these posts are for you.

The blog automatically subscribes existing readers – which is a pain, so sorry! – but you can unsubscribe from this category and manage what posts you get if you want to. Go to, click on Purehealth, click on the toggle icon top right and manage subscription and then you can turn on or off any of the blog categories. If you get stuck, just ask me. I was just trying to be tidy with everything all in one place, fool, fool 😉

I’m finding so much useful stuff to share with you, I have started to combine them into a digest as I did before, otherwise I’m going to be flinging posts out willy-nilly all the time and piddling people off! Not so easy to search, but I’ll try and tag well for us! Hope you like it, let me know.

Regenerus has opened a new Ireland hub which means Irish and European practitioners can now get more and cheaper testing done.

Invivo has introduced a microbiome testing bundle. I have often thought this would be a good idea – testing several microbiomes across the body. Not cheap but I like the gut, oral, vaginal and urinary bundle for a really thorough look for infections. There are several other bundles but that’s the biggest.

It’s Diabetes Month. I see FDX has sent out a useful mailer on their tests and resources, including the Weight Aware one, which I like. It always grieves me how difficult it is to actually find good diabetes/pre-diabetes tests really. It should be so simple as T2 Diabetes is so relatively easy to turn around. Personally, I use DD Metabolic tests. I’ve just updated my metabolic diabetes and cardio test choices here if you want to see how I do it.

Since we’re mentioning cardio, I admit I had never really connected toxins to heart failure in any significant way until I read this excellent article from Orthomolecular News. I won’t forget it now! Useful treatment strategy ideas at the end.

The impact of the pill on thyroid. I didn’t know this one. Dr Kharrazian has a new course out on hormone balance which I am signed up for – just the other 15 to get through first lol.

Many women respond to birth control pills with severe depression, weight gain, mood disorders, temperature fluctuations, hair loss, slowed metabolism, and symptoms that mimic a thyroid disorder. They are afraid to go off the pill but don’t understand why they suffer from so many side effects.

Many of these symptoms can be traced to an increase in thyroid-binding globulin due to the synthetic estrogen in birth control pills. This means free fraction T3 and T4 thyroid hormones are not able to create sufficient metabolic effects at the receptor sites. It’s not an actual hypothyroid disease because the thyroid gland is working. This is a well-known drug interaction overlooked in healthcare. 

Kharrazian Institute

Healthpath Pro has introduced a new client referral service if you need more patients. I don’t! But you might. It costs. Matt did a good video about it here – nice to put a face to the name!

Talking of Healthpath, I quite fancy this Fibromyalgia webinar training with Ben Brown on 14th November. There’s not a lot about that specifically, I find. “With a report from the British Medicinal Journal stating that 33-50% of the UK population suffer with chronic pain, 5% of those with Fibromyalgia, now is the time to understand an evidenced based approach to this condition.” Too right. I have it myself 🙁

NHS Update: Parents who fear their children are becoming seriously ill in hospital are now guaranteed that doctors will act on their concerns.  The NHS is adopting the “National Paediatric Early Warning” score to track vital signs of babies and children.  Parents who believe their child is getting worse can ensure their case is escalated immediately. Make sure your parent patients are aware.

How many people do you know who have knee pain? A lot! New research suggests they try MSM. Nice and simple 🙂 Even better, I use it combined with other useful stuff. My fave is this DFH Arthrosoothe. If they are in acute pain, I also give the cream version, ask that they use the caps for 3 months, then review.

Probiotics Clinical Pearl. I loved this advice on how probiotics need quorum sensing to implant. Never heard of it! Some really useful tips there from Dr Yanuck. Essentially: avoid too many strains in products as they compete (I was always taught this by Prof. Plaskett many years ago), preferably give two large concentrated doses twice a week, and avoid supplements within 2 hours of them, especially flavonoids as they inhibit quorum sensing. There you go: learned something new.

Amrita is hosting a webinar with Enzyme Science on Using Proteolytic Enzymes for Inflammation. I don’t think we use this powerful approach enough myself. 15th November, 6.30pm.

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