Clinic Notes: New Meds Checker from Pure Encaps

Have you seen this new free drug-nutrient checker from Pure Encaps, launched this week? Looks very useful.

It’s a good idea to have a page on your website or somewhere you can direct people to check their med-med, med-supplement, even med-food combinations as people are on more and more medicinal cocktails nowadays, I find. I use resources like this myself during patient case reviews and have often found an issue with several meds taken together or a med directly related to one or more of their symptoms, which I then suggest they chat to their GP about in case they can trial off or maybe have a different type. Safety first, always.

I’ve added this resource onto my site page, which you can see here for ideas, if you like.

And Pure Encaps has done a really good video all about contraindications and interactions etc here:

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