Covid Factsheet Updated

I’ve added a few bits to the Covid Factsheet for you today. I will continue to do so as useful stuff comes up.

First, The Lancet recently published an article stating that vaccinations given more towards the top of the arm near the bone rather than a bit lower down causes more arm pain. Here’s the article. It’s a bit technical but I share for those of you who want to read it. Ergo: ask for your vaccine in the fleshier bit!

Next, an update on vaccine side effects: several people are reporting temporary, if not very pleasant, side effects on the Facebook groups such as heart racing, stomach upset, mouth swelling, a histameanie type reaction and a few days of feeling fluey. The vast majority of people have been fine, including people reporting in with autoimmune diseases. Don’t forget to log your experiences on the ZOE Covid app, please, and here are the Facebook groups.

Purehealth Facebook group

TrulyGlutenFree Facebook group

Lastly, the RSPCA has urged people to snip the straps of their face masks before putting them in the bin. This means that if any face masks make their way into the environment, they’ll be less likely to tangle wildlife.

You can always get an up to date copy of the Covid factsheet here. I hope it helps. Keep well and safe x

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