Could taking vitamin D help patients who have cancer?

An interesting report in the Mail recently suggesting that checking and correcting your Vitamin D levels could help cancer recurrence. I would add prevention to that too.

Angus Dalgleish, a professor of oncology at St George’s Hospital in London, is one of a growing number of clinicians investigating the role of vitamin D in cancer treatment. ‘We know vitamin D is involved in regulating the immune system and seems to dampen the proliferation of cancer cells,’ he says. 

‘We also know some cancer patients with low vitamin D live longer if you give them a supplement.

‘We have more than 2,000 cancer patients where we have shown this and we have published several papers, but there is resistance to acknowledging it, possibly because there’s not much money to be made from it.’

Could taking vitamin D help patients who have cancer?

You can read more about what your Vitamin D levels should be and how to correct them here:

Vitamin D Factsheet

This should be common in medical practice, shouldn’t it? Head in hands….

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