New Mycotoxin and Inflammation Tests

testing iconJust to let you know I have been merrily changing tests and adding new ones on the shop, but have forgotten to tell you! Things are always changing and I do my best to assess new tests as they come along and change my provision if necessary to make sure I always have the most effective and well-researched tests there for you. I’m good like that 😉

Mould Toxins/MycoToxins

Anyway, the two most recent changes are that I have delisted the expensive RealTime Labs Mycotoxins test (mould toxins) in favour of the GPL version, which is just as good, has a great report and is about 50% cheaper – always a bonus 🙂

Chronic Inflammation

I have also added a new Inflammation/Cytokines test because we know that inflammation is at the heart of many illnesses, yet current mainstream tests don’t really focus on looking for chronic inflammation. Most docs will look for CRP or even the much better hsCRP (high sensitivity), which picks up mostly acute inflammation, but chronic inflammation can block many a healing process so I thought it might be useful to be able to see if it is present. Then, we can do something about it. The various markers included can also give an indication of where the inflammation is coming from, which I think could be really useful. For example, this one includes LPS (which we also find in Cyrex 2), which might give us the suspicion that it was a bacterial infection at the heart of an issue. Either way, I am finding with the chronic, complex cases I am getting through, that inflammation is often involved and blocking healing (as in my own case actually!). The trick is to identify it and then discover the reason for it.

Of course, finding high chronic inflammation is also a higher risk factor for things like cardiovascular disease, dementia and diabetes etc so it is useful purely from a preventative point of view if nothing else!

You can see both tests in the Special Conditions section of the shop – and read more in the appropriate sections of the Overview there.

I hope they are useful for you. I just had one GPL Mycotoxin result back today where I found 3 high mould toxins which will need treatment to reduce – and an Inflammation test with a high IL-6 cytokine, which is linked to several illnesses including autoimmunity, so it might trigger us to look for autoimmune processes with eg. Cyrex 5 in a person who is just not getting well with normal approaches. It’s like being a medical detective; just call me Sherlock!

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