Married Mrs R!

Morning all! Clinic is back open this morning. Thanks for bearing with me whilst P and I got married. Hope it wasn’t too much of an inconvenience.

We had a great time with family and friends at our wedding weekend – and it took P and pretty much the following week to recover so I was glad in the end that I had shut for a bit! Not many photos in yet, but here’s one of P and I opening a basketful of pressies (which they were not supposed to bring!):

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And one of us on the terrace. Happily, the weather stayed dry and warm for us, and we even had some sun! That’s Looe harbour and river in the background – we wanted a view of our new home town.

Me and P 14th Oct 17 we go with all the emails. Bear with me whilst I catch up!

Mrs Rose (yes, I kept my own name, of course…!) xx

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  1. What a beautifully co-ordinated event! Many congratulations and every possible good wish for many years of happiness! Really envious of your move to Cornwall – those of us remaining in the West Midlands salute you and thank you for past kindness. Anne Houston (Coventry)

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