Fasting – Good or Bad?

We’ve been having quite a discussion on the TrulyGlutenFree Facebook group about intermittent fasting after I saw a suggestion that it can help heal a leaky gut.

It seems it does help some people from the experiences quoted, but I do wonder whether it is too stressful for the body – especially the adrenals – and mind, whether we simply feel better because we are not eating allergenic foods and releasing histamine/inflammatory markers – and even whether fasting will switch on the evolutionary fat switch – we put more weight on from the calories we consume after them?

I have much more to learn on it. My own view so far is somewhat echoed by Yasmina (as it usually is; we do seem to be following very similar thought processes and tracks!). I think that cutting down – Yasmina suggests 20-30% – rather than going whole hog and causing inevitable stress should be enough. And using liquid foods like soups and smoothies should help to give the digestive system a rest. I draw the line at juices somewhat because they can cause quite a detox reaction – it’s the fibre in the soups and smoothies that slows any detox reaction down.

Anyway, I continue learning. Do come and join the Facebook group and give your two-penn’orth in these discussions and here’s Yasmina’s piece for you to read:

Fasting’s Effect On Diamine Oxidase (DAO) & Histamine Intolerance


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