Told Ya So…

I was only saying to P this morning how much of what I was taught many moons ago as a naturopathic nutritionist is now becoming quite mainstream, despite the condemnation and ridiculing most of us put up with for our beliefs over the years. I try to be magnanimous about it and just be grateful the message is getting through and science is finally catching up, at least in some areas.

Anyway, I was pleased to see a couple of things today that back me up on this.

First, France has gone even further in its condemnation of electromagnetic radiation, after banning WiFi from nursery and some primary schools; this time, it has declared ES (Electrosensitivity) a medical handicap following a landmark case! Michelle at, herself a sufferer – as you can see from the pic of her nattily wrapped in protective silver netting – writes about that here:

Electrosensitivity update – EHS recognised as a handicap in France!

Second, mainstream doctors and charities are finally waking up the plastics issue, not least the problem of cling film in microwaves, one of my pet hates! I even cringe at Tupperware storage boxes myself and note those are mentioned too in an article by the Mail on Sunday:

Don’t Be So Clingy

The header points say it all:

  • For decades, holistic health gurus have warned of toxic impact of plastic
  • Previously dismissed, now it seems paranoia might have been justified
  • New evidence suggests heat makes chemicals in plastic storage boxes and bottles leach into food and drink
  • Has been linked to cancers, fertility and foetal development

Like one of the experts quoted, I only ever heat food up in glass, ceramic or enamel. In fact, I treated myself ages ago to a set of Falcon enamelware baking trays and prep set and several sizes of Pyrex dishes with lids for storage, cooking, freezing etc; not cheap, but one of the best purchases I’ve ever made as I use them constantly! I’ve since thrown pretty much everything else out so my cupboards are much tidier too: bonus!

Tip: make sure you get the real McCoy with these purchases if doing that; there are a lot of fakes out there and I fell foul of some ‘Pyrex’ round lidded dishes which were much thinner glass and broke easily, whereas my real ones are sturdy as heck.

I look forward to more of the long-standing naturopathic medical tenets being recognised and becoming more and more mainstream in the future. I wonder if we’ll ever get to certain symptoms like fevers, rashes etc being seen as the body’s detox and healing system at work and to mainstream health professionals encouraging the body’s healing system rather than suppressing it? I won’t hold my breath..

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  1. I only ever use glass to cook with in the microwave and never use cling film. I don’t buy ready meals in any shape or form but absolutely cringe when I see my partner heat up a ready meal in them – I remember years ago a physio/osteopath/bowen practitioner who was into lots of alternative health discussed with me about alzheimers disease. Cooking with aluminium was thought to be one of the causes and my dad who was a miner all his life used to drink out of the tin cans they had for years and years till he married my mum – she then used to put a flask of tea up for him. However my dad died of alzheimers at the age of 59 having been diagnosed at the age of 55 – it makes you wonder!

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