DAO Histamine Intolerance Products: Is ARG Stronger or Not?

A few months ago, Allergy Research Group released a welcome new DAO enzyme product for helping people with histamine intolerance.

(If you don’t know about histamine intolerance and what I am talking about, do read my article Could It Be Histamine?

The product caused much confusion (with me and a few of you anyway!) because of the dosage differences with other more established products.

DAO Histaminase™ With Bioflavonoids 60 Capsules  http://www.allergyresearchgroup.com/dao-histaminase-with-bioflavonoids-60-capsules

Anyway, the label shows it has 41mg of Diamine Oxidase in it. This sounded very strong as the one I usually recommend is Sciotec’s DAOSin, which contains 4.2mg per capsule:

DAOSiN can 90 capsules  http://www.eat-all.co.uk/shop/daosin-can-90-capsules.html

This seemed very odd, so I thought I would look into it. Several months later (!), I have finally got to the bottom of it. It’s all in the way they say it on the label apparently. Here’s my conversation for you (or one of the many..)..

In effect, two ARG capsules equals 1 Sciotec! Got there with my nagging in the end!

If you open the capsules there are little beads inside, they are called pellets.
the pellets are the coated DAO
in our capsules we have 81mg Pellets
and this 81mg Pellets deliver 9000-10000 HDU
they [ARG]state on their Label 41 mg DAO (Daosin)
with 5000 HDU
so they give the weight of the Daosin pellets, they buy from us
practically, their product delivers only half of one of our Daosin capsules
You are saying that in reality, a capsule contains 2.1mg as opposed to your 4.2mg, correct?[me]
Yes right. This is the weight of the Protein extract from the porcine kidney with 7% DAO
So you have in their capsule 41mg Daosin pellets with 2.1mg Protein extract with 7% DAO
And in yours…?[me]
81mg Dao Pellets and 126mg Vitamine C. 4.2mg Protein extract with 7% DAO
It is best to look
at the HDU
histamine degrading unit
the higher the HDU the more histamine is broken down
Hope that makes some sense and allays the confusion!

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