New Leaky Gut Factsheet

Leaky gut icon For your delectation today we have a new Leaky Gut/Hyper-Permeability factsheet.

Leaky Gut, or actually body barrier breakdown, as many of you know, is a specialist subject of mine so I did have to limit myself to stop this factsheet being enormous, ha! That said, it is jam-packed with useful stuff for you.

It includes a questionnaire so you can see if you’re likely to have a leaky gut, where to get more info on what that means, which leaky gut/barrier tests are worth doing – and should you need any at all? – and I have outlined my three options for treatment:

The simple approach – and given you my fave supplement to help.

The more complex approach – for more severe cases, this is my grain and dairy free barrier healing protocol from the Gluten Plan

The structured programme approach – for people, like me, who want to be led by the hand through an effective healing programme. This would be suitable for eg. multiple intolerants, autoimmune disease sufferers etc, as is my approach above, of course; it’s just the difference here is it comes with videos, handouts etc. It’s a whole educational series as well as a protocol (although not grain free like mine, I thank you!;) I’m recommending it, though, because it will suit most people and the resources are fab.

Anyway, you should find some help there, no matter what stage you are at.

Go and have a peek and why not start with the quiz? Leaky Gut Factsheet.

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