Good News On Body Markers

Just done my body markers review and thought I would share for you.

Officially, I am pleased to see that I am now aged 19 :). 19 was in fact my favourite age so that’s really nice to think that, biologically at least, I am the same now as I was then. Ok, well: I could actually eat then but…

My weight has stabilised at about 8 stone, which for my height is good, a little lower than average but still within the optimal range of about 7st 10-9st 13. (That’s based on BMI ratings of 20-25, which aren’t perfect but helps to give an indication). I always feel best at about 8st 7, which is smack on the optimum level.

My body fat is 23% – just in the normal range (I was worried it had gone too far down). I am sure my new plantain chips fried in palm oil will help that rise a bit! A woman my age – mid-late forties, eek! – should have a body fat of about 23-34%.

My visceral fat around the abdomen is a fabulous 4 (should be under 12) and my water percentage has normalised to over 50% (50-55% is the aim for women, 60-65% for men). I could NEVER get this right for many years – it was always in the 40s no matter how much water I drank.

Bone mass is a bit too low so I need to get more bone-building exercise going on. My imminent move to Cornwall will help that I’m sure, given all the hill-walking and swimming in the sea I plan to be doing!

You can see which machine I used here on the Weight Loss Factsheet page, by the way, in case you want to do the same. And here is a very useful page on ‘How To Understand Your Measurements‘.

Enjoy. I recall how many of you used to enjoy popping into the Dispensary to stand on these – do you remember? Ha. Happy days!!

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