Taking A Stand Against GM Foods

One of you asked me the other day how you could get involved in taking a stand against GM foods, especially having read my last post on it explaining how the UK government, in its infinite wisdom, has given a tacit go ahead to crops being grown in this country.

I asked around on the very useful Facebook groups and thought I would pass the suggestions on for anyone wishing to take up, well, not exactly arms please, but placards maybe! Active campaigns, apparently,  include:

March Against Monsanto (US)

GM Watch (US)

Institute for Responsible Technology (US)

The Soil Association (UK)

I confess I haven’t looked at them myself yet but share them here for you to start your campaigns! Please do give some comments below on which you think are the best campaigns for people to get involved in, these listed or others, thanks. Happy placarding and lobbying!

2 Replies to “Taking A Stand Against GM Foods”

  1. Doesn’t it make you feel so powerless? We can do our bit by growing our own veg, foraging for nature’s wild goodness, buying organic, but the government seems hell bent on distruction. I worry about what will happen to this world. Possibly not in our lifetime but soon.

    1. I know Ruth, another report out today about feeding GM flax to farmed fish in the UK. Makes me glad I only eat wild fish. ‘Wild, they’re furious’ (Fast Show reference ;))

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