Weight Loss: The Purehealth 4 Step Programme

health balance iconMany of you saw my recent Menopause Fat post and asked for more help with weight loss. Happy to oblige, I have just revamped the Weight Loss Factsheet on the clinic site to give you a simple 4-step programme to follow.

This is what we did in-clinic for years, and it really works IF you do it! It basically takes you by the hand and leads you through the various steps we found had to be done to shift sticky pounds that refuse to go with just cutting back your calories and getting a bit of extra exercise.

In any weight loss programme, if it is to work and be sustainable rather than allowing you to yoyo back and forth, which we all know is really not good for your heart generally, then it has to address some deeper issues. I often see people who have what I call ‘stuffed cushion syndrome’. This is the type of person who you just know has a layer over what should be a thinner frame. Let’s face it: some people are just overweight and it somehow suits them. Others are a thin boned person waiting for this layer to come off. Do you know what I mean? I sort of felt the difference a lot when I was doing the remedial massages.

That layer is often inflammatory fluid, not fat. Shock, horror! I know, but it is true.

There is a physiological process that is well-acknowledged now whereby the body is suffering from systemic inflammation for some reason and, much like when you bang your knee it goes red and swells with protective fluid over the area, so does the whole body when something is irritating it. The trick is in getting rid of the key inflamers, if you like, and we found toxicity, gut dysbiosis, liver sluggishness, allergenic or just inflammatory foods in general, insulin etc etc were all in the mix somewhere with most people. So, if you follow a programme to address as many of those as you can, you are more likely to succeed in getting rid of that overlayer, aren’t you? Most people, of course, don’t believe me and say it is just fat. Trust me, it might be a mix but inflammatory fluid is invariably there somewhere!

Basically, after lots of trial and error, we found we had to do a foundation step to prepare the body (which is sometimes all someone needs actually), then give the right diet to calm inflammation, allergenicity and balance insulin sensitivity, add in some easy exercise for 10 minutes a day and back it all up with a support system that helps you make and stick with the changes.

I promise you; it works IF you do it! Go and have a look and see if it might suit you. Hope it helps.

Purehealth 4 Step Weight Loss Programme



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